At the heart of today’s urban development, train stations are getting ready to become the life and nerve centres of the cities of tomorrow. They have a major part to play in the rise of more modern, more intelligent, more sustainable, and more pleasant cities for those who live, work, and commute in them.

Fundamentally different to its former self, tomorrow’s station will be an ‘urban hub’. Open and attractive. Connected and welcoming. A living space, a city space.

To transform stations is to transform cities. The station is a “City Booster”: urban booster, economic booster, environmental booster, social booster, and cultural booster.

This is what we invite you to discover through our website.

With its reports, this website tells the tale of the transformation of both French and international stations, and of their impact on the transformation of cities.

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SNCF Gares & Connexions is the SNCF division responsible for managing, maintaining, and developing the 3000 French stations on a daily basis, and for exporting this know-how internationally.